In his recent audio- and sound walks Albrecht Panknin reflects the connection as though the disconnection between the real world, the world that surrounds people and the parallel worlds, the worlds that occur inside the mind, when triggert by certain soundscapes. Most of his audio- and sound walks can be listened over smartphone and are guided by the GPS sensor of the Recipients Smartphone. The range extends from overall soundscapes and experimental sound works over classical music pieces right up to pieces with actors, soundtrack and scenes like known form a regular audio play

Lost / studio ZPiAO / 2015 / 54 min

Medium: Smartphone / GPS
Year of production: 2015
Place: Berliner Mauerpark
Type: Experimental Audioplay

Iosphere / studio ZPiAO / 2013 / 36 min

Medium: Smartphone / GPS
Year of production: 2013
Place: Platz am Reichstag
Type: Experimental Soundscapes

Stars / studio ZPiAO / 2011 / 25 min

Medium: MP3 Player
Year of Production: 2011
Place: Forrest Biesenthal
Type: Music

Lichter / studio ZPiAO / 2012 / 40 min

Medium: MP3 Player
Year of Production: 2012
Place: Forrest Biesenthal
Type: Experimental Sound/Music

Plastic Bag / studio ZPiAO / 2014 / 10 min

Medium: Smartphone / GPS
Year of Production: 2014
Place: Berlin Alexanderplatz
Type: Music